Notable Engagements

Current Engagements:
Speech Morphing – Chief Scientist
Expert Witness in speech, language technology, mobile devices
Kextil – Co-CTO
Personics – Technical Advisor
Sensory – Technical Advisory Board
IDIAP – Technical Advisory Board
IDA/CCR-P – Consultant
International Computer Science Institute (ICSI)


Previous Engangements:
Yap Incorperated – Technical Advisory Board

Cases in which I was named as an expert:

  1. Sorenson Communications and Caption Call in Civil Action No 3:14-CV-66-BBC.  Wrote invalidity report for Sorenson/Caption Call.  Settled by summary judgment.
  2. Motorola Mobility vs Apple, Consolidated Cases 1:10-cv-23580-RNS and 1:12-cv-20271-RNS.  Wrote and submitted invalidity report for Apple.  Settled.
  3. Schwarts, et al. v. The Village Center Community Development District, et al. Case 5:12-CV0177-MMH-TBS.   This is a suit under the American Disabilities Act, and I am defending Village Center et al.  The initial expert report has been written and submitted to the court.
  4. Allvoice Developments US, LLC v. Microsoft Corp., Case 2:10-cv-02102-RAJ – Settled by Summary Judgment of Non-Infringement.  2010 – 2013.  I wrote the invalidity report on behalf of Microsoft, and it was delivered to the court prior to the summary judgment.
  5. Nuance Communications, Inc v. Vlingo Corp, Case 09-11414-RWZ – settled by jury trial.  I wrote both the non-infringement and invalidity reports, and testified during trial on the behalf of Vlingo.  The jury found Vlingo not guilty of infringement on all 30 counts by unanimous decision.
  6. Nuance Communications Inc. v. Voice Signal Technologies, Inc, Case 1:07-CV-10363.  1994 – 1996.  I was deposed as the CTO of Voice Signal in this case.  The case was dismissed when Nuance bought Voice Signal.