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14 February, 2014

Standard rates are $500/hour for litigation support, $600/hour for deposition and courtroom preparation and testimony, and half rate for long distance travel.  (travel of less than 2 hours duration is not charged).  $5000 non-refundable retainer to be applied to final bill.

My relevant experience is:

Masters’ Degree in Electrical Engineering (PhD in Linguistics)

24 years’ experience with the Intelligence Community exploring signal processing in the context of secure communications

6 years as the CTO of Voice Signal, creating voice enabled applications for cell phones and mobile devices.

14 US patents in speech, data processing, and mobile devices

The cases in which I was named as an expert are: 

Currently ongoing:

Motorola Mobility vs. Apple, Case 1:12-CV-20271-RNS.  I am engaged as an expert and am working on the invalidity report.

Previous cases:

Allvoice Developments US, LLC v. Microsoft Corp., Case 2:10-cv-02102-RAJ – Settled by Summary Judgement of Non-Infringement.  2010 – 2013.  I wrote the non-infringement report on behalf of Microsoft, and it was delivered to the court prior to the summary judgment.

Nuance Communications, Inc v. Vlingo Corp, Case 09-11414-RWZ – settled by jury trial.  I wrote both the non-infringement and invalidity reports, and testified during trial on the behalf of Vlingo.  The jury found Vlingo not guilty of infringement on all 30 counts by unanimous decision.

Nuance Communications Inc. v. Voice Signal Technologies, Inc, Case 1:07-CV-10363.  1994 – 1996.  I was deposed as the CTO of Voice Signal in this case.  The case was dismissed when Nuance bought Voice Signal.

Potential conflicts are:

Apple Inc

Personics, Inc

Kextil, Inc

Abby, Inc.

Several other small start-up companies.